Fool Moon


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released July 30, 2013

Available July 30, 2013.
All tracks written by Kevin Large (ASCAP).
Recorded and Mixed by Cory Gray at Type Foundry, Portland, Oregon.
Mastered by Carl Saff.
© & ℗ 2013 Mama Bird Recording Co. under license from Widower.


all rights reserved



Mama Bird Recording Co. Portland, Oregon

Mama Bird Recording Co. is an independent record label, proudly committed to exceptional songcraft.

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Track Name: Jumper Cables
Sometimes your heart's as shaky as a shopping cart
It's seen its share of parking lots, it's been around the block
You're in the market for a marksman cause cupid's missed too often
The concern it must be causin', all the fools you had to fuck
And you're wrestling reality, it's a ferris wheel of feelings
It's the wings under your shirt you weren't aware of
And I'll play the patient Plymouth Rock
To your pilgrimage, a thickened plot
And I'll take it upon myself to pick the lock, love
Let's weigh your heart of gold, my guess is it's immeasurable
But still the feeling's illegible, in the thinnest of fine prints
Angel hair, i swear you're the devil
You still glow with a low blood sugar level
Still shine when you've been disheveled
A strict diet of diamonds
And it's the moon over the Meadowlands, the aesthetic of a lover's hand
The tightened grip you never imagined possible
And it must be love or the altitude
That makes me sweat a swimming pool
It's true, you're a jewel, you're jumper cables
Track Name: Oh Catherine, My Catherine
You settle like stardust, in the darkness darling
Don't worry where the car is parked, we'll grab it in the morning
The tell tale tequila tears in a taxi cab
I talked with my friend the television, while you took a nap
And the moon shed light like skin
You were lily-white with lilac lips
Oh Catherine, my Catherine
My long-stemmed loneliness, your beck and call
We were roadside roses, we were record rainfall
I saw your ghost in Golden Gate Park glowing in the city lights
While some growing pains never go away, they only keep you up at night
Upon the paisley pillowcase, where your pretty head's been
Did I miss something? Was it something I did?
Oh Catherine, my Catherine
Track Name: Antidote
The moon's full as hell, but i won't tell a soul
You can see it for yourself
Blanket of stars unfolds, each one like burning coal
Most nights I end up alone
So darling, let's go swimming in the ocean tonight
Singing "Love Potion No. 9"
But we don't need the antidote
The salt gets on your skin, It's not your fault if you're glistening
Or if I'm speechless, on the beach, kid, until morning
Understand the sand will stay with you,
You'll take it home in your bathing suit,
And just so you know, I'd like to go too.
Track Name: Grasp
I've been in denial for a while now, but I'm coming around
I've been blowing in a weird wind, wayward as a Greyhound
You took my grief with a grain of salt, it was difficult, it was all my fault
A long distance phone call from Philadelphia, I was drunk and I needed to talk
But once I had your attention, there's so much I meant to mention
There's some things that I have come to understand
You were dry land, I was a drowning man
They say the safest place is a basement in a storm
Well darling during downpours, you were my cellar door
Well, I half-assed, I gift-wrapped a piece of shit
I was the bearer of bad news, your worst birthday present
That forlorn uniform you fold, and your ice cold eyes rolled
There's something things that I have come to understand
You were dry land, I was a drowning man
They say the safest place is a basement in a storm
Well darling during downpours, I was so self-absorbed
and time will tell if the hand your dealt is worth a damn
there's no knowing in advance, and the one you held has lost it's grasp
Track Name: Love or Lack Thereof
At night when you tend to toss and turn
And you're living your life at a loss for words
It's a terrible dream, a routine wrong turn
When you're handcuffed to a heart that loves you no longer
And it's love, love or lack thereof
Darling, there was so much I should've done
This mistake's my keepsake 'til kingdom come
It's love, love or lack thereof
I sat on your stairs unprepared for the worst
Regardless of how often I rehearsed
I've got to situate my shit, I've got to lift this curse
I'm your classic case of a kid
Classic case of a coward.
Track Name: Thoroughbred
She's given me hell, so eloquently
She resembles the devil, god dammit, so delicately
But this mess was effortless, it's second nature, I guess
A dresser drawer of regrets and the rest is history
But I'll keep you close to my heart
I'll hold you in the utmost regard
I'll dust off my saddle and begin again with battle scars
Oh how I long to be, sound asleep with you still next to me
You brilliantly breathe, your cherry-red cheeks and pillow marks
I was born, fragile and forlorn
I was tattered and torn, but that doesn't matter anymore
My baby was born, adorably adorned with kindest blue eyes
Like the calm before the storm
And i still hang on by a thread, all these thoughts that go through my head
I threw away a lady who loved like a thoroughbred
And in the dead of night, in a bed with no sleep in sight
I surrender to the memory of you and drink instead
Track Name: Two Tombstones
Well, sweetheart, the secrets out, there's no use in lying to you now
I've made some mistakes I'll take to my grave
We'll be two tombstones, a ways away
You were a warm-blooded whirlwind of a woman
I was wicked and awful with you often
Would it soften the blow, the last laugh, or the afterglow
When we're two tombstones to and fro?
And that certain someone will come and steal your heart out from under your nose,
He'll sweep you off of your toes, I suppose
The thunder we undergo
You were soft-skinned and solid gold
A starlit sonnet, a heart-shaped sugar bowl
Your second-hand halo, a site to behold
Like the two tombstones, our future foretold
And when you awake in the night, and see the snake sleeping by your side
Do you mistake him for me sometimes and rub your eyes,
Then come to a compromise
Track Name: Almost, Always, All Yours
Courtships run their course, first loves and last resorts
I've been a prince, I've been a poor sport
I was almost, always, all yours
When I'm frightened by the sunrise, when it comes as no surprise
when I'm feeling out of sorts, and off-course, of course
I'm almost, always, all yours
And true happiness is heads or tails, never-the-less, it never fails
And it's every bit as bleak as this week's weather report
And it's almost, always, all yours