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released August 16, 2011

All tracks written by Saintseneca.
Recorded December 2010 at The Tone Shoppe.
© & ℗ 2011 Mama Bird Recording Co. under license from Saintseneca.


all rights reserved



Mama Bird Recording Co. Portland, Oregon

Mama Bird Recording Co. is an independent record label, proudly committed to exceptional songcraft.

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Track Name: Acid Rain
Acid rain, help me fade away.
Marble face, help me stay the same.
All your saviors
line them up on some side at a road stop.
Could you name them?
Do you give them up to the town cops?
You're a darkness, you bring your darkness.
Pull up your car, park it outside my house
I hope you're wrong.
I feel connected to something strange and strong.
Acid Rain, help me stay the same.
Marble Face, help me fade away.
Track Name: Blood Drawing
When I cite the cliché of a free life
I don't contend that it comes with no price.
Draw my blood like fleas and head lice.
Draw it in blood
make it burn white in black light.
I was wrong
Always wrong
No one ever says to you,
You can't complain about these things
And even if we found our way,
Our way was found it was not made.
I would give up now.
Just lay it down and kick the crown.
Breaking all my toes,
you could give it away but no one knows.
There lies my bed,
Now I lie in the wreck I created.
In torrents we spin my tornado-like friend,
built homes that we obliterated.
Track Name: Beasts
Bastion of beasts heed my call.
All things base are not banal.
To suck the wind and gnaw the tide
is not enough to stay alive.
So remind me why I'm here again?
I hate the old Ohio wind.
It kills you when it's coming in,
it kills you pending giving in.
And don't I know, its residue collects in my bones.
It's marrow curdling it singes my toes in my sleep.
But son, even if you stay,
you know nothing would stay the same way.
And if there's any other way
could we try that way instead of this one?
So if God's
own and only kid
showed up and wound up dead
what's that say about all this?
You could raise all my dead friends
in hopes I would notice.
Just some means to a dead end.
Just some mean, as in average.
You could praise until your heart bends,
and still not quite get it.
Are we together alone?
Or alone together?
I stayed in my room all day
mustering some meager praise.
They say a thing don't fit its phrase
It's symptomatic of this place.
Track Name: On Or No
I saw the light
I turned it off
I saw the light
It hurt my eyes

So how come when you say
I want to live for that time next year
you don't?
And how come when you say
I want to die by that time next year
you don't?
How could anything be worth this?
How could anything be worthless?
This is why you always run.
I can't explain it.
I saw the light.
And it burned my eyes out.
Nothing is wrong
until you find yourself out.
Wrong all along.

I saw the light
I turned it off
Track Name: Cold Water History
Sailing 'long the shadowy bay.
I can't remember what to say.
I love you.
He loves you more.
So jump from this ship
and swim to shore.
Go forth child, scream and yell.
And save those troubled
souls from the depths of hell.
I know that I want you here.
But so does he.
I understand.
I need you.
He needs you more.
So dive from this
ship and swim to shore.
Track Name: The Worst Days
I remember now
it was sometime in July.
She blew me away
like spit from an eye.
She was the bluest glass I'd ever find.
I was the blackest hole she'd ever find.
And I went down around,
Down on my electric knees.
Yeah I went down around
Wishing that we'd never meet.
How are we alive?
How are we alive still?
Flowers in an ice storm
When I'm gone for way too long,
and I don't mind the
thought of dying without you.

If I could play eight notes for you
they'd be.
Track Name: Shipwrecked
I've been round here second time
I don't recognize my own home

When I found my home in you
I don't recognize you no more

When you come to take my soul
Take it far away
Track Name: Last
If I was only a little younger,
slightly softer
with vastly wider eyes
Then I could tell you
what I've been meaning to,
that our redemption is also our demise

Don't you remember
no bridge is tall enough?
And stairs that beckon
that we go rolling down?
We'd poke our toes out
We'd let our heads drop
Let's fall forever
Let's never hit the ground

So what if I move to some other city?
Some place that's far away and strange?
I'd never know you
I never knew you
That's what I'm doing
Grow up em(and)brace the change

But you know you're just not 17
And you cry your self to sleep
in your attempts
to conjure up old dreams
and repeat
You could never be strong
You could only be free
Track Name: Missing Dogs
I was missing
missing dogs
I should've given you some thought

Wring the goose's neck
Stretch him out on the boat deck
Wandering eye dilate
And if you die of light
Is that overexposed or underclothed?
So oh my God
when you take me
Or Oh my God
if you take me down
Can we forget about this?
Take a break for a couple of years
Just hang out for a couple of years
and if it endures
You know it's pure
But what if I return and I'm empty?
Am I really wrong for heat seeking?
When I went to sleep when I was 17
You know I'd go to sleep all knowing

I was missing
missing dogs
I should've given you some thought
I was breathing divine wind
I was humming human hymns
I'll never get over him
Track Name: Wonderlust
Wade on
I could never look you in the eyes again.
All these things would then begin to rise again.
How come I only want the things that I don't have?
I'm happy until I get what I want in my grasp.
If you could only be one age for all your life
I wouldn't turn one year older or otherwise.
You were right about everything you said.
You were right about everything you did.
Wait on
Track Name: Hairpin
And in my eagerness preempting sacrifices
In hopes that some divine benevolent being
or otherwise
would see me and take pity
maybe have mercy or something
(for)giving something
something or other for nothing

But you know?
Nothing feels so bad.
Save ornery sun rays
burn straight through my straw hat
rage blister my snow skin

and I go away

If I lay down I'm never getting up
With my head half gone will I carry on?
With my head half gone am I carrion?
Track Name: James
My brother's born on Christmas
My brother's born on Easter
God was my half brother
and God, I'd like to meet her

Yeah our cheeks are similar
Yeah we've got the same nose
His hands, well I'm not sure
How'd he get those?

Some kind of divine hybrid
I wonder who's recessive allelomorphs expressed
to make your neck so freckled?